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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Organizing Fool!

Good Afternoon everybody!  Hope your day is going well.  I am in the midst of organizing still and doing a complete overhaul on the craft room!  I went to Michael's as planned today except I went to the one closer to me rather than my store.  Which is a good thing and I will explain why in a minute.  But at this location they had a lot more it seemed in a larger variety of storage.  So I got 7 cubes and a wire rack thing and much more. Here, take a look...
Magnetic containers
Some things to help decorate room

I got two of these
I got two of these also
And two of these...

Only one of these because I have a few already
So I have assembled some of these but messed one up and I am afraid ill do it again so I am waiting on Eric so he can help me.
I will take pictures of the room when I am completely finished.

Oh now to tell you why it was a good thing I went to the closer Michael's today.  They do not have a Scrap instructor when I asked and pretty much was asked for my # and they will have the Customer Experience Manager call me.  I talked with the actual store manager who was talking already like I worked at his store already, Lol!  So this is awesome.  I just cannot seem to get a student base at my current location.  Could be the area...I do not know.  But I am very happy!  This has been a great day!

Take Care and thank you for stopping by!



Birdie said...

When done with yours come do mine, please???
Fingers crossed on the closer store.

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