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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Something Beautiful

Good morning everyone! I have to share this gorgeous sight with you that I saw this morning.  I took some pictures of the sun rising this morning.
The tree that sits outside my craft room window

Not really the sun but I still thought it was pretty

Did you get a ton of rain last night??? We did!  Here is a picture of it outside last night, you can see the trees in the picture bending from the force of the wind.
I'm telling you it was crazy!!!  Since we are on the top floor we get to hear it really good too and I LOVE that!

Oh one more thing before I head out to my dentist.  Eric had asked me to make some stencils for him with my Cricut for his work space.  I made them last night and here they are in action!
One says 
and the other says
So yea even welders cannot escape the glorious Cricut and all it can do! LoL!

Have a great day today everyone!  I will be back later on with some projects.  I have to go into Michael's today and get some things ready for Open House which is May 19th as well as teach a class tonight.  So take care and thank you again for stopping by.



Mary Gregor said...

Chrisy--love the photos. We had some rain, wind and thunder, but it was not as bad as they said it would be. Today is perfect--sun shining and temps going up to around 80 in WI.
Take Care


Birdie said...

Christy, love the photos and love Eric even more - embracing your crafting time and skills rather than wishing neither existed so wouldn't have to share you. Yup, still a keeper in my book! (Yes, blog hopping as knees can do no more today. Don't tell.)

Love your new layout - keep forgetting to mention.

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