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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nickelback Concert Info & some DT Info too!

Good morning friends! Hope your Sunday is off to a great start.  I have been going through the pictures that Eric and I took at Friday nights Nickelback concert and let me tell you what a fantastic show this was.  Nickelback yea they were awesome of course but Gavin Rossdale the lead singer of Bush came out into the crowd singing and dancing.  He literally ran right past me and I touched his sweaty arm!!! LoL OMG!!!! For those of you who do  not know who this is I will show you...
See what I mean?  Isn't he a doll? I was really excited though to see this group because I have liked them since they started which was back in the early 90's.  So this was a treat to finally see them.  Touching his arm and seeing him up close was just a really nice bonus!

Eric and I went a little camera happy before the show.

Notice how his expression doesn't change but mine does.  We were supposed to make an "Oh" face and I think the first photo I kinda did but the next one I am clearly in some type of physical pain and smiling here by the third one, lol.  But alas the show started and I won't bore you with a million and one photos of the show but just a few.  The rest if you are interested are on my Facebook Page.
Here is also a tiny small clip of Gavin talking about how we all need to unite together and stop violence in a response to the tragic shootings in Colorado.

You would never know that I went to see Nickelback from all I am saying here would you?  Well we did and they too were incredible.  They started out with "This Means War" which I just had an inkling they would start it all with this one.  Good choice it got the crowd all fired up!

Here is one of My Darkest Days

Eric wanted to also get a pic of our tickets and concert poster

I think I strained my voice as if I need any help doing that, but yea I sang almost every song from Bush's set until the last note from Nickelback.  I was so tired when we got in that I shortly fell asleep soon after stepping foot in the house.

I have also been busy getting some cards ready for Let's Make Greeting Cards and when they are published I will share them on here with you all.  I think you will love them!

For now I need to scoot, take care everyone and thank you for stopping by.


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