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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stampaway XX Convention - What a GREAT day!!!

 Good morning everyone!  I have lots to show and tell you so I will get right to it...

Stampaway USA XX Convention
I went to this spectacular convention for my first time yesterday and it was absolutely AMAZING!  There were a lot of fabulous vendors there who you all know and love.  I had a hard time picking and choosing what I was going to purchase.  There were deals galore through-out the convention, Make & Takes, demos and thousands of scrappers just like me...I was at home.  Here are a few of the things that I did decide on:
This was my first purchase - it's from "the Paper cut" it is a booklet kit that you assemble and decorate yourself

Stamp from "Stamp Camp"

Stamp from "Stamp Camp"

Stamp from "Stamp Camp"

Had to get my paper groove on and you know if there is some Echo Park to be had, Im'a getting it!

These are the most vibrant purple fibers I have seen - from Artful Illusions

This was actually cheaper than the $4.99 price on here; it was only $2.50!

I also purchased some other stamps from this guy...

then I thought to myself...hmmm I need one more thing from him...
Tim Holtz Spiral Journal

Tim Holtz AUTOGRAPH!!!  "Christy - Art Inspires! 2012 Tim Holtz"

So I have to tell you the Tim Holtz "story" because this is pretty good.  I knew he was going to be here today but didn't know where.  I ventured around and then Voila!  There he is standing less than 5 feet in front of me.  Of course so were about 25 other people gathered around his area while he was doing a demo.  While finishing up the demo that I couldn't see or hear so I haven't a clue as to what was even being taught, his lunch came to him from some of his co-workers.  So the crowd started to dwindle but before they all left I walked down the aisle and looked at some more of his things.  I turn around to see that there is only a few people there and they are taking pictures and so I grabbed the spiral journal and when they were  finished I politely asked him for his autograph and if I could take a picture of him.  He and I were the only ones there and we were having a conversation...I was telling him how I teach his distressing classes at Michael' was very cool!  Then here's the kicker, when I go to take a picture he says do you want a picture of me & you together and he said his assistant could take it for me (since I was alone).  I said of course and thanked him and while I was trying to show his young assistant how to use my *NEW* phones camera the phone decided to go all re re on me and was saying "camera cannot connect"  ... Are you kidding me!  Of all the times it could have picked to be stupid...ughhh.  So I stood there with him waiting patiently for me and my phone which never did end up working for me to get a picture with him.  I apologized and said thank you again for his time & the autograph and walked away.  Still happy as can be though that I got the autograph and some one on one time with him.  That to me was better than the picture I think.  The two pictures above are from yesterday at the Stampaway Convention but they were taken by my friend Janice when she was there a little later on.  So it all worked out.

CROPPING Later on yesterday I went over to Janice's house and a few of us got together to crop and hang out...was a fun time and I do not think I do it enough with these great ladies.  I look forward to crafting more often with them.
I hope you all have a great day!  Thank you again for stopping by - Take care!


Birdie said...

LOL Dolt! Still cracks me up;P

Rochelle said...

Oh my gosh! Seriously?? Tim Holtz! That's just amazing!! How lucky you are, Christy! :)) yeah, bad timing for the camera but well, it's the experience that counts! Besides, you probably have the whole scene etched precisely in your memory so no need for a photo at all! Lol

Kathleen (Kath) B. Hernandez said...

Wonderful set of purchases. And gee with the camera!

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