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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Craft Room 90% Complete

Hello again friends!!!  I know I've already shared pictures of my craft room but now there is more to show!  This past Friday Eric took me out to dinner (Red Lobster) Yummy and was talking about how we had to stop someplace to get some screws for a "special" project that he needed my help with.  I was curious but waited patiently through dinner and our trip to the hardware store. We returned home and here the sneaky sweetheart of a man had already been to Ikea earlier in the afternoon when I was at work. Sooo here is the finished room however I took these pictures in the middle of the night and so I wasn't able to vacuum the floor before I snapped them.  I was to anxious to share these with everyone.  I still have the walls to decorate but other than that is it pretty much done.
The pictures are taken from the door and then taken as if you were turning from left to right around the room.
This is the door shut with my organizing wall hanger/craft aprons to the right is my little organizer drawer unit and one of the desks from Ikea with printer on it and another organizing drawer unit below.
Left of the door there is a black wire shelving unit turned to face the other way.  What we have done here is to turn my Michael's white paper organizers to face the side.  On the top unit I have my patterned paper that is lose, below that the other unit has all my card stock.  On top of the wire shelf I have a file bin that has some files and papers.
Eric thought it would be neat to have these nifty hangers to hold all my Cricut mats.  They work out nicely.
Here is the front side of the black wire shelving unit.  You can see better here how the white units are displayed.  In the two facing the front here are more patterned papers that are lose and a few 12 x 12 patterned paper books.  I also have in the big pink bag on top all my ribbon.  I have a few extra paper trimmers on the bottom shelf and my Cricut tote bag on top shelf.
This is what is directly opposite the wire shelf.  In the two purple drawer units are all my stamps along with the tote in the middle on top.  The white drawer unit has my stickers, bags, and memorabilia in it along with some odds and ends.
Here is a wider shot of the area you just saw.  
These are my white organizing units on black wire shelving.  These hold more paper, paint, some magazines, embellishments of all sorts, stickles, adhesives, 6x6 paper pads, and lots more!
Here is a long shot of the other desks in here.  They hold my two Cricuts, Big Shot, Texture Boutique, camera, Copics, two more small white organizer units and more!  There are some totes underneath these desks too.
Here is a shot in front of the desks. One of my kitties is snoozing underneath.
Here is where the U-shape comes together.  You can see that we used two corner desks and two regular sized desks and put them together connecting them in the middle is a smaller sized wooden organizer.  Holding my Recollections spinning tower.
And back to the beginning.  You will have my computer and some files and such.  The organizing drawer unit under the desk here holds all my inks and acrylic blocks, work stuff and some misc card making supplies.

I hope you like what I have done so far and that it possibly inspires you.  I'd love any suggestions you may have or ideas on how to decorate the walls.  I have a big bulletin board that I want to hang but I am not sure where to place it.  I want it to all look nice.  Eventually the plastic organizing units on the floor are going to be replaced with something nice from Ikea to match better.  Just cannot do all that at one time.

Thanks for stopping by, take care and please take some time today to create something wonderful for yourself or the one you love!



Birdie said...

Way to go Eric! Have said all along you are a keeper :P
Christy thanks for reminding me I need to work on mine. Have fun in there but come out for air once in a while.

Ina said...

Wow you certainly have loads of crafty goodies. If I had that much I would forget where I put things and what I had. Fun times in your craft room. Enjoy.

Mary Gregor said...

Very nice Christy--I love the shelves--I could use more of them. One day I will have to clean my area up and take some pictures--just ordered a new camera,maybe I can experiment with it.

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