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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Greeting Card Reminder Binder

Do you know how many cards you will need in the new year? Do you know who has a birthday in March and what "off-beat" fun holidays are in June? Have you ever wondered if you sent out a card or forgot to because your life was so hectic at the time and you couldn't remember?

I have wanted for a long time a book or something to keep all this information in and so I finally made something to organize all these ideas.  

I took a Recollections small binder that I had a junk journal in and transformed it into this simple little but hugely beneficial Schedule for Card Making.

I added some stickers to the front and the pink you see here is an elastic band to keep book shut.

This is the inside front cover. the pocket came with the binder.

This is another pocket and in here I will keep the actual records of who I sent what to and when it was sent out.

I used some stickers that had the months on them and to secure them better used a small piece of clear packaging tape to surround the month sticker. (I was painting hence the paint on my nail, lol)

You may have seen my birthday reminder calendars in a previous post but what I did was take the calendar portion and put it on it's own page

When I turn the page for each month I have a generic monthly calendar folded in half that I can easily flip open to see all the major holidays.

Behind the major holidays are the "Off-beat" holidays as well as Monthly celebrations and observances. This is also a folded paper

This is the record of who I have sent to and what off-beat holidays I have chosen to focus on and some different monthly observances. The highlighted parts are the holidays

This here is a spreadsheet that you can write 20 different peoples name on the top going across and on the left side going down write holidays then when you send out to them you can put a check mark.

Some of these lap over onto one another but I really find it useful and to me it helps to see it in a couple different ways.

I hope this might help someone who is looking for a way to do the same thing.

Take care...

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