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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All About Me For You...

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you something that I decided to do craft wise that is.  I want to create a book or two or three...called "All About Me For You".  What this is is a book/binder/scrapbook album or whatever you choose for your system, this will be a wonderful gift to give to someone so that will never forget all the little things about you. 

The general feel of the completed book will be heartfelt, comical and informative.  I plan to do these on Thursday's and call it "All About Me For You Thursday's".

I have been struggling as to the final format I will use to create my book(s).  Here is what I am leaning toward:
Front Cover

First page on its side with pocket

Second page on its side with two pockets

Third page on its side with "flaps" that connect on other page and hold note cards

Third page with the flaps open to show photo mats

Fourth page with flaps same as third page

Flaps open on fourth page

last page with pocket

The tutorial is on YouTube and here is the link to it Manila Folder Tutorial.  What I am going to do is have a book for possibly each month since there are only a minimum amount of pages.  You can choose whatever you like and who knows, I may still change my mind. 

 photo 1000pixels.jpg


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