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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Something Very Wonderful Happened Last Night!

First of all Good Morning to you all!  Hope that you had a restful night.  You know me, I've been up since yesterday.  Am use to that though.  I cleaned my craft room sooooo thoroughly last night and now I am going to be very anal about messing it up again, LoL!

But let me tell you about this wonderful thing that happened last night.  As you may have seen the post that I want to sell my Copic markers due to the fact that I am pretty much getting frustrated with not "getting it".  Now it's not that I gave up just like that when I first had a mistake. No, this has been going on for a while.  I am even in a class online.  I am in fact in the intermediate class, if you can believe that! So I left a message on the board of where I am taking these Copic classes to see if by chance someone there would be interested in purchasing them.

I was not expecting this, but the wonderful woman who is the instructor of the class contacted me personally and said that she would help me out personally and we even talked on the phone last night!!!  Now tell me how many times does that happen?  To me?  Not often.  To have someone go out of their way to personally help me out with something that I am truly struggling with was just the sweetest thing and it really made me feel good.

So needless to say, I have changed my mind about selling the Copics and I am going to give it another try.  I am my own worst critic, I have told you all that before I know I have because it is SOOOO true.  Well, I am going to try and change, wait.  I WILL change that.  I just found a quote that I really like and I would like to share it with you.

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going"
~Beverly Sills~

This just says to me to work hard at what I want to accomplish because nothing is ever handed to you no matter what it is.  You have to work hard at it, practice it, and as Lisa said to me last night; 'if you have to get up and leave your project for a day or two and then come back to it, that's ok'.  I had to paraphrase that b/c I cannot remember verbatim what she said, but I hope you got the drift of what she was saying.

I am in a really great mood today.  I cannot say if it is because of what occurred last night or if I am just happy.  Let's say both!

I would like to show you two cards that I made for my mom.  She had asked me to create 2 get well cards for her.  One was for a woman who had broke her leg.  She wanted it somewhat funny and this is what I came up with...

This first one was for a gentleman and this is obviously the front
This is the inside of the above card

This next card is for the woman with the broken leg
the picture for some reason no matter how many times and ways I took it the front did not turn out how I really like it, but I still hope you can get the general idea.

And here is the inside of the card

I hope you like!
Well this is it for me, I have quite a busy day ahead of me.  I need to create create create!!!

Please have a wonderful day! And thank you for stopping by!


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