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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Card #2 for the Summer Card Camp 2011

Good afternoon everyone!  Hope your day is as sunny outside as mine is.
The only bad thing about that though is that inside here I am either freezing or hot.  There seems to be no pleasing Christy in the A/C department.  I'm just like this in the Winter though so I really don't understand why I am like this.  I know I cannot tolerate heat or even just being stuffy inside.

Eric and I went through a ton of clothes last night and it is just a never ending battle with our clothes.  At least my clothes just out of no where double and triple. One might think this is a great thing, but not when you have to wash it all and fold it {WHICH I DETEST FOLDING IT}.  Soooo anyway, we got all our winter and the "these don't fit me anymore" clothes out of the drawers and closets and stored away. 

OK, so about this card I made today.  Jennifer McGuire showed us how to make a card using a transparency.  This is something that I have always wanted to know how to do.  Well the card I ended up using vellum on it instead.  Every ink I used it seemed wanted to smear, not want to dry quick enough, not dark enough, blah blah blah.  So I switched it from a "Get Well" card to a "Just Because" card.  Actually IDK what type of card you would classify this in.  You tell me.
Here is the card front
Inside the card I also have the same orange
paper with the same butterflies stamped on it
using Vera Mark ink

Here is a bit of a close up of the sides
I used a Fiskars border punch and then the sky blue
is Stickles

This is the close-up of the vellum window with
the quote from Emily Dickenson. 
Surrounding it are more Stickles.

Just another full photo of the front

The one thing I was worried about was cutting the window in the correct place.  Aaaaaand, since I really do not have Sizzix dies that cut out these for me {I mainly use it to emboss}, I used my new Cricut 2 & Gypsy with the Storybook cartridge.  You wanna know something really cool?  It worked on the first try!  It cut perfectly centered.  I love being able to see the mat before I cut.  Both the newest Cricut does that as well as the Gypsy which makes crafting even more fun...if that's even a possibility?

Well I must end for now...If you didn't get a chance to see my WEEK 1 DAY 1 card just scroll down or click on this LINKY LINK RIGHT HERE and you will go right to it.
Thank you so much for stopping by again, I love having company!
Take Care Everyone!!!

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Kim B said...

Great card!! Love the vellum too, I will have to check out that cricut2. Hope you have a great week.

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