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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guess What!!!

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday Evening!!!!  Yes it is just a minute til 11 PM here in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I have had such a great few days that I have to share with you all.
Well first of all yesterday Kevin my dearest son contacted me in the morning saying he had an interview at Kings Island which is a huge amusement park here locally.  It was even on the Brady Bunch.  Do you remember the episode where they all went to the amusement park and Mr. Brady had a Yogi Bear poster instead of the plans he was there to show? Check out this is also a VH-1 "Pop-Up Video" where it tells you all sort of interesting facts as well as funny ones.

But I digress, his interview was at 2:50 in the afternoon and at 3:30 he called to tell me he got the job!!!!  I am so proud of him.  He will be working for them during their Fear Fest through out Halloween season.  This is his first official job.  Yes he's worked for his dad and then worked for a neighbor painting houses which I think that was his real first job, but Kevin never really thought of it that way.  But either way, he starts September 24th!!!!  He also starts college at University of Cincinnati on September 21st he said.  He will only be working weekends at K.I. which I do hope he will be able to keep up with the load of work they hand him at UC.
I also today went out shopping at Joann's Fabric craft store and then Michael's, but only purchased things at Joann's...and you wanna know something?  Psst...come closer...I bought this Fiskars Sure Cut Paper Trimmer:
Do you want to hear about it?  Thought so...{I am NOT a rep for Fiskars BTW LoL!}

Cut with confidence!

Features a wider 6.25" base deck for easy layout and measuring, triple track blade and rail system, antiwear veneer which is now printed from the bottom side so the grid will never wear off. Swing-out arm extends measuring up to a full 15.25". Includes bonus replacement blade. Cuts 5 sheets of 20# paper.

  • 2 x more workspace
  • Cuts straight
  • Portable

More Facts...
  • Ideal for cutting a wide variety of crafting materials including paper, photos, scrapbook pages or specialty materials
  • Widest base on the market (6 1/4") makes card cutting easier than ever
  • SureCut wire cut-line makes it easy to see where blade will cut for unmatched accuracy
  • Patented TripleTrack System interlocks blade and rail for cuts that are straight and steady, never curved or wobbly
  • Self-leveling swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to over 15" to cut extra-large crafting materials with precision
  • Permanent scale and grid cutting mat is printed from underneath to last
  • 1/16" gridlines provide an additional guide for precise measuring
  • Expanded cut rail with integrated smudge guard holds paper or photos in place without fingerprints
  • High-profile blade carriage is easier to grip than other trimmers
  • Rubberized feet provide stability
  • Cuts up to seven sheets of paper at once
  • Works with TripleTrack™ blades, style I
  • 12" cut length

I had originally had this:
And the lines were coming off and it just stunk and was becoming harder and harder to use.  I have been wanting the one first pictured ever since I took that Summer Card Camp with Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner.  I saw this listed on Jennifer's blog as her favorite trimmer.  I haven't used it yet but I cannot wait to.
But WAIT...there's more to the whole trimmer story and the trip to Joann's Fabric and Crafts. LoL!  I bought the trimmer which was $29.99 but was 40% off {the ONLY reason I purchased it}, then I bought some Scotch Scrapbooker's glue with a 2-Way applicator, on sale also, a set of cling stamps {7 stamps in this set} for under $3.00 which was on sale for that price, then a magazine that I have been wanting called "Card Ideas For Paper Crafters" by Paper Crafts and that was $14.99 but was 10% off.  So I am getting checked out and I say to the clerk I have 40% coupon {which was only good for one item and one item NOT on sale to boot}, so he tells me that everything is on sale.  I stepped into action and said I understand you take competitors coupons, he said yes, I whipped out a Michael's coupon that was 25% of total purchase even sale items it said. JACKPOT!!!!!  The total for everything was $30 and some change!  I was so thrilled!  I know I know a long story to get to a bargain.  But I really did want to tell you about that awesome trimmer I got.  I am planning on using it tonight....alllll night! LoL! 

Also, the coordinator for the Lake Waynoka Craft Fair called me today, and I have to get busy busy busy on some Christmas cards, some sets, and I want to make some bookmarks and laminate them at well.  So I hope I have enough laminating stuff to do that.

Speaking of getting busy busy busy...I have a new trimmer to try out and some X-mas cards to make.

Ohhh wait...oh nevermind, I'll save my other great news for the next post!  Keep you on your toes! hehehe

Thank you all again for stopping by, I do love it when you visit me!  Take care everyone and have a GREAT Sunday tomorrow {or today it's now 12:37}

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Birdie said...

Great buys there Dolt! I have that trimmer and can tell you that you will love, love, love it!

Strong dislike being made to wait though....
Perhaps I should start asking over and over in a whining tone - is it time yet? LOL!

Cole Meyer said...

Christy, You are going to love that trimmer. I have fancier ones and plainer ones and that one and that one is the only one I ever use. It is perfection!
Waiting on pins and needles for your other news...

s. said...

OMG! I have that little trimmer too and it's too small! I want that bigger one you mentioned too! So I am super curious what a creative explorer is...I am working with you over at KaBoks, I am on the design team, but I saw you are a CE...I'm not sure what that is! But it sounds super fun! Looking forward to getting to know you! :)

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