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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween fun and some other misc,

Good Day Everyone!!!  I want to wish you all
A VERY SCARY...and VERY SAFE Halloween.

Last Friday night tons of kiddos here in my apartment complex all were dressed up with pillow cases and pumpkin containers which to me indicated they were going to go "Trick or Treating" on Friday.  But they all apparently went to some function where they were all picked up and take away.  
So I am sure it will be crazy outside here come 6PM.  At least that is when I am thinking it starts.  I was telling my son the other day that when I was at the trick or treating age it started like 5 or 6 {I am leaning more towards 6}, but it did I know for a fact lasted until 10PM that night.  Regardless if it was a school night or not!  And to tell a child that they needed to come in before 10...well that was simply unheard of, LoL!  The only reason we would return earlier than 10 was to grab a new pillow case due to the original one being jammed packed!!!

I created a new mini-card set and I will be photoing them in a little bit.  Right now I am getting things in order as far as all the pictures from the car accident on the 5th of Oct to take with me to court this Wednesday.  I also just this morning took pictures of the actual intersection to take with me.  With me luck on Wednesday and keep me in your thoughts please.
I also want to apologize that I  was not able to complete the full 31 Days of Halloween.  Between the move, the car accident, I had to put a stand still on them.  I will however keep up with my positive journey and I do hope you continue to at least follow that. :)

Take care everyone!  I will see you soon with the pictures of my card set!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wooo is me...

Oh everyone I have been so neglectful on here lately and I feel soooo bad about that.  I am in the process of moving as you know, I have been trying to do something everyday to get the current apartment ready for us to make the move a lot easier on everyone.  
This whole thing with the apartment though is turning into a huge mess if you ask me.  It seems that the management can't seem to figure out what they want Eric and I to do, fill out, or what...the one thing that they seem to ALWAYS do with no problems or delays is having us pay them more and more money.  That is all I can really say about the matter when it comes to the management dept here. There is just some issues here that I have to iron out and figure out the why's, what's, and how come's of it all. When that happens I will happily vent out  Can't you all just wait for that huh?  LoL!

I am also getting Christmas things going here as far as creating some cards, some Christmas planners, etc. for the Middletown Art Center on December 3rd.  They are having a Holiday Open House and I am going to try and sell a few things but mainly what I will be doing is promoting my scrapbooking/stamping classes while doing some make & takes with those who come.  I have decided that I will have 2 options for those who want to participate in the Make and Take; first option is a 6 x 6 scrapbook page that people will make and then later add their photos, or they can make a Christmas/Winter themed slider card like the Frankie card I had made for the 31 Days of Halloween.  I still have to get everything decided on as far as what embellishments and what all I want on the scrapbook pages and the cards.  This all is coming out of my own pocket, but I feel that it will be good publicity for the classes and will get more people interested in it.  I am however trying to think of a technique I can use for the scrapbook page.  I really do not want to have just things they adhere on it, I want there to be something more and something "WoW!" on it.  But it would have to be cost efficient to me.  Any ideas?  I'll gladly take any and all that you have to offer!
The program coordinator at the art center mailed out my contract yesterday, I am anxious to read it.  I have never had a contract like this before...I guess you could say I am excited about it.  Reading it and signing it makes it all official and that makes me VERY happy!
Well I am going to get busy now...I have some crafty ideas running around my head and I must get to them quickly before they run away!
Before I go...this must be cat Jiggles was laying on my computer because it's warm, blah blah blah...the point in telling you that is that while I was writing this post there was a thud, and I looked all around the room and didn't know what it was.  Here I look under the desk and she's just sitting there on the floor with this little pathetic cute as ever look while having one paw still on the computer trying to figure out how she fell off  it.  LOL!  
Here is a picture of the kitty I am talking about:
This was the other day when she decided to just lay down on my arm while I was literally typing on the computer...
Not the greatest photography here, but this is her on top of...yes my craft room door doing her balancing act...
She follows me all the time around here and even walks to the door when I am leaving b/c she knows she is spoiled as this is an extra chair with a comfy pad on it for the kittybears here, but mainly it's her chair. Gotta love my babies!
She is just to cute for words!
Take care everyone and I will see you I said, I have to get crafting, I am way behind on my Positive Journey stay tuned!
Also do not forget about the Give-A-Way I am having.  Tell your friends there is still plenty of time to sign up!  Would love to have more in the mix for the drawing! 

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Positive Journey ~ Day 9!!!

Good Day Everyone!  Happy Sunday...yes we all made it not only through the week, but the weekend almost as well.

Today's Positive is pretty basic and simple:

Sing in the shower is something that I really do not do, but I know what I am trying to say in this...Be yourself and relax and have fun with life!

The background on this is a stamp I have had forever but never used until now...and quite honestly I want know why? LoL!  I love the way it turned out.

Have a glorious day everyone!
Thank you for stopping by and please take care and be safe!

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days Of Halloween ~ Day 19!!!

Since I have so much posted today, I am making this last post for right now, short:
I hope you enjoy this card.
I love these stickers!  They are so funny and cute.

Take care and please see the other blogs I posted over the night.

Thanks so much and have a great day!

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Positive Journey ~ Day 8!!!

Hi everyone!  I warn you that I am a posty chicky today.  For that I apologize.  I just have so much to get 1)caught up on and 2) just 
a lot to say.
Today's Positive is this:

How incredibly true is this?  I have been in a negative funk lately and if I continue, I'll have to figure out how to avoid myself.  Ohhh yea...anywho...I can be sarcastic...oh who are we kidding, I AM QUEEN SARCASM and I need to really stop it.  Well stop it at the wrong times I guess.
So today's positive I am hoping will sink in so that I don't have to avoid me in the future.
Take care all and please check out the posts that I also did last night. 
They follow this blog below.
There is a Halloween Mini Album in it for ya! HeHe!

Take care and I will see you soon!
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Positive Journey ~ Day 7!!!

Hello again everyone!
I am posting a lot here in the wee hours of the night and morning and I do hope you get a chance to see everything.  I will try to keep this short.
Day 7s Positive is:
This card is inked with several colors using a house stamp.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you check out the other posts I did last night.
They are right below this one
See you soon & Take care!
Ohhh  and stay warm...brrr it's frigid out this morning.

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Positive Journey ~ Day 6!!!

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope your day is off to a good start!
I have Day 6 Positive:
"Live your life 
as an
not an 

I love this one!
I used a stamped image as the background for the card. The font on this one is "You wish you were a Shirley", not quite sure what that means...but that's the name of the font nevertheless. 

Check out the 2 blogs below...more good stuff there!  
I am a posting fanatic today!

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New Apartment Layout!

Hi everyone again!
I wanted to share with you some pictures of where I currently live at and what the new place will look like in December.  We are currently in a 2 bedroom and are moving to a 3 bedroom due to Kevin moving in with Eric and I.
I have included a floor plan but it is in my own penciled writing because I had to flip it to make it the right way.  Meaning the original was for an apartment facing opposite the way ours is going to be...did that make sense? Hope so.
Where I am currently I see this sign from my balcony
Here is the swimming pool
Which also in the building is a 24/7 work out room which is NICE
This is the back view of one of the buildings
View of the street headed back to the complex
Here is the floor plan

Eric & I will have the master bedroom, Kevin will have the room #2 and I will have room #3 for the craft room.  This apt has 2 full bathrooms, laundry area and a patio.  I currently have a balcony on 3rd floor.  This will be a change being on first floor.  Will be really nice because I found out today that we can actually plant flowers in our area and put decorative stones down for a walk way to our patio which is AWESOME!
So yea...this will be my little place...I cannot wait to move and I do hope that they will let us start moving things over before Dec. 1st

Take care everyone...below this post is another Halloween Mini album I just did for the 31 Days of Halloween, I'd love for you to check it out b/c it is my first time doing a TP album... {toilet paper roll album}
Stop by again...

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31 Days Of Halloween ~ Day 18!!! Another Mini...

Good Evening Everyone!
I am late yet again on posting my Halloween day projects...forgive me.  I have wanted to make a Toilet Paper Mini for so long now, and I finally did it.
I made Day 18 a Halloween Quote Toilet Paper Mini!  
Since I do not ever hear to many interesting quotes about Halloween, I thought why not do this with the TP mini idea...and so I did.
I used 4 toilet paper rolls, flattened them using my Sizzix by simply rolling them in and out, I then cut out 4 pieces of the patterned paper I wanted to use at 6" x 4" {6" around and 4" tall}, took 4 tags and stamped with some festive Halloween stamps; bats, skulls, dripping ooze, swirly stars, crescent moon & clouds, black cats, witches hats, SPOOKY & webs.  I used Staz On black ink, some purple ink, orange ink, green ink, and Memento Rhubarb Stalk ink.
The stickers on the mini are from Walmart and a brand is not on them for some reason, and the ribbon is Studio g.
So here are all the pictures of the mini along with the quotes on the decorative tags:
1st Page
2nd Page
3rd Page
4th Page {also this is view of back of Mini as well ~ hence the paper line}
First Tag
This is back of Skull Tag
Second Tag
Back of Second Tag
Third Tag
Back of Third Tag
Fourth Tag
Back of Fourth Tag
Front of mini with a view of the ribbons

Thank you so very much for stopping by today.  I do hope you liked my first TP Mini!  I am actually happy with it.  I usually am my own worst critic!  This time...not so much.

Take care everyone!  I'll be posting more soon.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Positive Journey ~ Day 4 & Day 5!!!

Good morning everyone!  I haven't forgotten about the 31 Days of Halloween, I just haven't been feeling to great and have been on slow mode yesterday and today.  I did however already have days 4 & 5 for the Positive Journey already completed and photographed & uploaded on here.
Which is a good thing because I wouldn't want to get really far behind on two things.  
Day 4:
I have a little poem or enlightening words if you want to call it that, my aunt sent this to me in a birthday card a few years back and it really will grab you...

You're Special
You're special.  In all the world there is nobody like you.

Since the beginning of time, there has never been another person like you.  Nobody has your smile.  Nobody has your eyes, your nose, your hair, your hands, your voice, you're special.

No one can be found that has your handwriting.

Nobody anywhere has your tastes - for food or music or art.  No one see things just as you do.

In all of time there has been no one who laughs like you, no one who cries like you.  And what makes you laugh and cry will never provoke identical laughter and tears from anybody else, ever.

No one reacts to any situation just as you would react.  You're Special.

You're the only one in all of creation who has your set of abilities.  Oh, there will always be somebody who is better at one of the things you're good at, but no one in the universe can reach the quality of your combination of talents, ideas, abilities, and feelings.  Like a room full of musical instruments, some may excel alone, but none can match the symphony sound when all are played together.  You're a symphony.

Through all of eternity no one will ever look, talk, walk, think, or do like you.  You're special.  You're rare.

And, as in all rarity, there is great value.

Because of your great rare value, you need attempt to imitate others.  You will accept - 
yes, celebrate - your differences.

You're special.  And you're beginning to realize it's no accident that you're special.  You're beginning to see that God made you special for a very special purpose.  He must have a job for you that no one else can do as well as you.  Out of all the billions of applicants, only one is qualified, only one has the right combination of what it takes.

That one is you.  Because...You're Special.

Isn't that the neatest poem!  I love it.  I think I may have put it on my blog once before.  But something this neat it doesn't hurt to put out there every now and then.

DAY 5 Positive Journey:
"There are certain things that only I can do & I do them well" That is my positive statement for today.  It kind of goes well with the You're Special poem.

I hope you all have a spectacular day.  I will try to get the Halloween pics up here today.  Take care everyone! Thanks again for stopping by.

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