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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wooo is me...

Oh everyone I have been so neglectful on here lately and I feel soooo bad about that.  I am in the process of moving as you know, I have been trying to do something everyday to get the current apartment ready for us to make the move a lot easier on everyone.  
This whole thing with the apartment though is turning into a huge mess if you ask me.  It seems that the management can't seem to figure out what they want Eric and I to do, fill out, or what...the one thing that they seem to ALWAYS do with no problems or delays is having us pay them more and more money.  That is all I can really say about the matter when it comes to the management dept here. There is just some issues here that I have to iron out and figure out the why's, what's, and how come's of it all. When that happens I will happily vent out  Can't you all just wait for that huh?  LoL!

I am also getting Christmas things going here as far as creating some cards, some Christmas planners, etc. for the Middletown Art Center on December 3rd.  They are having a Holiday Open House and I am going to try and sell a few things but mainly what I will be doing is promoting my scrapbooking/stamping classes while doing some make & takes with those who come.  I have decided that I will have 2 options for those who want to participate in the Make and Take; first option is a 6 x 6 scrapbook page that people will make and then later add their photos, or they can make a Christmas/Winter themed slider card like the Frankie card I had made for the 31 Days of Halloween.  I still have to get everything decided on as far as what embellishments and what all I want on the scrapbook pages and the cards.  This all is coming out of my own pocket, but I feel that it will be good publicity for the classes and will get more people interested in it.  I am however trying to think of a technique I can use for the scrapbook page.  I really do not want to have just things they adhere on it, I want there to be something more and something "WoW!" on it.  But it would have to be cost efficient to me.  Any ideas?  I'll gladly take any and all that you have to offer!
The program coordinator at the art center mailed out my contract yesterday, I am anxious to read it.  I have never had a contract like this before...I guess you could say I am excited about it.  Reading it and signing it makes it all official and that makes me VERY happy!
Well I am going to get busy now...I have some crafty ideas running around my head and I must get to them quickly before they run away!
Before I go...this must be cat Jiggles was laying on my computer because it's warm, blah blah blah...the point in telling you that is that while I was writing this post there was a thud, and I looked all around the room and didn't know what it was.  Here I look under the desk and she's just sitting there on the floor with this little pathetic cute as ever look while having one paw still on the computer trying to figure out how she fell off  it.  LOL!  
Here is a picture of the kitty I am talking about:
This was the other day when she decided to just lay down on my arm while I was literally typing on the computer...
Not the greatest photography here, but this is her on top of...yes my craft room door doing her balancing act...
She follows me all the time around here and even walks to the door when I am leaving b/c she knows she is spoiled as this is an extra chair with a comfy pad on it for the kittybears here, but mainly it's her chair. Gotta love my babies!
She is just to cute for words!
Take care everyone and I will see you I said, I have to get crafting, I am way behind on my Positive Journey stay tuned!
Also do not forget about the Give-A-Way I am having.  Tell your friends there is still plenty of time to sign up!  Would love to have more in the mix for the drawing! 

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Kristina said...

Moving sucks, I can attest to that, I totally hate moving I'd rather go to the Dentist then move, so you know how much I must hate moving. Sorry your going through so much w/ you guy's move.
I wish you lots of luck selling your stuff at Middletown Art Center on December 3rd.
I love your kitty, she is so beautiful, that's just too funny she fell off the computer! And too funny her laying on your arm while your trying to type LOL! When I was growing up we had a kitty and he use to do the same thing, sit on top of the door, never understood how he go up there, but he loved it and would stay there. Anyways, good luck to you and your apt mess!

Jane said...

Hope your move goes well
Luv Jane xxx

DonnaMundinger said...

Best of luck with the move. Always a PITA! Love your kitty pix! xxD

Susan said...

Love your kitty and she is even BLACK!! Are you a witch, she sure sounds like a true Familiar.
She also looks like she can get into trouble! LOL
Good luck with everything.

Birdie said...

You pushed her off you know - that's how she will always see it. Catattude they call it ;)

Slow down and take a few good, deep breaths Christy - Dunderhead orders.

ike said...

Hey You - long time No hear !!!
Moving sucks - sounds like the management need a good whipping to me !!!
The sessions at the art centre sound cool - I wish I could go. :-( I will try and think of something exciting to put on the page. I usually do digital so will probably think of nothing :-D
Lurrrve your kitty - she looks just like my kitty that I lost last year.... mind you, she was 21 years old and she had a fabulous life. I got 9 of the little critters now but I daren't let them in my craft room 'cos they'd wreck the place :-D
Take care and try not to get too stressed. Hugs

Mary HK said...

what a cute kitty! how husband is allergic to cats so I had to give mine away when we got married...

Alex said...

sorry about the move drama. Your fur baby is BEAUTIFUL, love her perched on the wall!
ideas for the page- what if you have them stamp something on the page? A swirl or something? OR stamp something in versamark and then chalk it? Especially like a swirl from the edge or corner. Then, IF you wanted, the embellishments could be placed on the swirl. Little flowers or bling. If it was flowers, you could possible have them be punched ones that coordinate and THEY could do the punching, but your cost would be a few extra sheets of paper, not a bunch of flowers. Same for the swirl, stamp, ink and chalk you might already have on hand. HTH!

Sharon Sahl said...

I don't know if you even have time to be checking in here, but I wanted to cheer you on with the move. Our last one was awful -did it all ourselves cross country - ick! Hope things are starting to sort themselves out for you!

Kristina said...

Happy Halloween Christy!!

Stephanie said...

What a cutie! I have one who is just as cuddly when I am trying to type. Can't believe so close to each other. I am now a follower.

I Don't Do Straignt said...

Your Kitty is adorable! Hope your move went well despite the management :)

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