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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Card Organizer Tutorial, Project Life, Cards and Cricut ---Oh My!

Hi there everyone!  I made a card tonight and a birthday calendar last night, got a package from Cricut yesterday with 2 new cartridges from my rewards points, getting a lot of things ready for 2013 Project Life and made a new type of book...I'll explain that one.  So what I am trying to say is that I have been very busy and full of Crafty Mojo lately and I am loving it! So let's get started.

Well the card I created tonight as well as the Birthday Calendar I made last night are both for my new manager Wendy.  I have to tell you that I think this new job is going to work out beautifully.  There is a lot involved but I have faith that I can do this and do it well.  She actually took me out to lunch Monday too!  She paid, which I didn't really know what to say but I thanked her and we ate and got to know one another a little better.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the first "real" job I've had in many many years is going to work out and I love it already.
Onward to the card...I created a tri-fold card that is a bit different than the usual tri-fold 

I love how it folds in this way.  The fussy cut poinsettia is what holds the card closed.
I hope she likes it.  Please do not think I am being a "kiss-up"   to her since I am giving this to her, we are having a Christmas party Friday and I would just feel less weird if I had a card for everyone.  Which I have 3 more to make for the guys.

The 2 Cricut cartridges I received yesterday are
Florals Embellished & Nursery Rhymes
I had close to 3000 points and when I saw this Florals Embellished on there I wanted it and I had already been looking for Nursery Rhymes.  There are some amazing cuts on both of these cartridges.

But wait...there's more...

Project Life is something that I have wanted to do since I saw the kits on Amazon last year.  But they were IMPOSSIBLE to find anywhere.  They were always sold out of every theme that I wanted/liked.  So I was on Amazon the other day and what do I see...YES!  I was ecstatic, I wanted the Clementine Core Kit and that is precisely what I got.   So what I am doing to get ready for this is getting everything in one place so that I can grab and go at it instead of sitting and wondering about if I have what I need or where it may be, etc. This way it will be a more convenient way to do this. I have joined up with a group of others who are also going to be working on Project Life and we are going to be doing blog hops and everything together so stay tuned for that information.  Also I want to gather some stamps, coordinating cardstock (since I see now that the Clementine Cardstock is again sold out...ugh), some embellishments and some other odds and ends to put in my little PL tote box.  

Now all I did so far was the first and last pages which will most likely be changed in the future.  

Little Tutorial on a Card Holder/Organizer 
I have a questions for you; What do you do with all those cards you receive?  Do you toss them? Put them in a shoe box or tote? Display them? Cut them up to reuse some other way?  IF you are looking for some way you can display and hold your cards at the same time without taking up a ton of room here is what you do.
You start off with some 12x12 patterned paper (2 sheets)
some 7x10 patterned paper (2 sheets)
6 pieces of 5x7 chipboard or two pieces of 7x10 chipboard
Crop-O-Dile or hole punch you like
Scotch Liquid Adhesive
Paper Trimmer
Binder rings or ribbon
Some embellishment

Now what you do is this

Take the 12x12 piece of patterned paper flip it over so that the pattern you like is facing outwards
Glue on the 2 pieces of the 5x7 chipboard like shown and add the third piece in the middle of the two - the reason there are three pieces is for extra sturdiness on the covers
You want to repeat the above steps twice to make your front and back covers.

You will then cover your chipboard with the 10x7 piece of chipboard and glue 
Next, fold in the top and bottoms of the 12 x 12 paper and do the same with the remaining two sides.  It's kind of like wrapping a present.  Glue down

You will want to punch holes in your book
Then fill it using your old cards by simply punch a small hole in them.  This way everyone & you can reminisce anytime looking at your cards

Now this was a long post but hopefully you enjoyed what you saw here today!  Hope you come back soon, thank you for stopping by and I hope that you have an awesome day today!


Cole Meyer said...

Love your card! Will look forward to seeing what you do with Project Life. And love your "save it" idea. (So much, you have managed in the last couple of days.) I'm wishing you a very special and magical Christmas, Christy!

Birdie said...

Yea on liking the job. No doubt you can do it. Very determined woman. Never heard of Project Life but then I live under a bushel basket. Does sound interesting but for the life of me I can't figure out how you get it all done.

Ina said...

Love your idea of the card holder.Being card makers we get some beautiful hand made cards and it is a shame if we don't have them somewhere that we or others can see the beautiful work. Thanks for the great idea.
PS Saw this from over at PCP.

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