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Monday, December 24, 2012

Mini Album Using Cricut Mini Books Cartridge + A New Layout

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!  Hope you're doing well and are ready to enjoy the holidays.  Tonight I will be seeing my kiddos and going with them & Eric over to my moms place.  I made Kristin a mini album last night that I think turned out so great and I'm very pleased with it.  I am going to also give this to her tonight. Here are the photos of the completed project:

Now there are a lot more pages in this book beyond what I have shown.  It really turned out nice.  I used so many random pieces of patterned & colored paper which in the end was perfect!  The Mini Books cartridge cut everything out from the cover, to all the pages and even the tags I have in there.  It even cuts the holes in the paper for you.For my adhesive I used the Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
and that was used for the cover on the inside and outside + to adhere all the envelopes and folders together.
This was so incredibly easy AND FUN to create!  If you get a chance try your cartridge out and create your own.  Elegant Edges also has a book feature on there too.  I have not tried this one yet, but I think I will soon since I enjoyed this first one so much.

The other day I also made a new layout.  There is not a lot to this layout and I have my reasons for that, but the lack of luster was on purpose...
This was taken at East Fork Lake here in Cincinnati and was right at the beginning when Eric and I started to date.  He is the king of goofy faces lol.  We will now be spending our third Christmas together and we couldn't be happier!
This was our first Christmas!  Isn't he adorable?!

So the new job although it's only been a week now is going great.  Friday we had a little Christmas lunch together.  It was the 2 guys who do the maintenance for both properties, Wendy and myself.  I made everyone a card and also gave Wendy a Birthday Calendar that I made.  Wendy gave me this:

Not to mention 2 other full boxes of homemade cookies!!!  Can you read what the cocoa mixture says?  It's to cute.  She handmade everything right down the the candy, mmmm!
I really think I'm going to excel in this new position, I just have this feeling of overwhelming joy & satisfaction when I am there.  Saturday I was there alone, I will be there always on Saturdays by myself.  So I showed 2 people some apartments on both properties and they went very well.  I was able to do everything I needed to do and handled it.  I was able to call Wendy if I needed her for anything which I did a couple of times for things that I had no information on.  It's nice that she lives on site in case I need her for anything major.   I go in again this week for two days alone as well.  It just feels right to me...

Well I am going to stop here for now.  I truly wish you all a joyous holiday from my family to all of you and yours.  Please be safe out there, no drinking and driving, stay warm, cozy and most of all...jolly!

Merry Christmas!



Dami Kehinde said...

Hi Christy!!
Belated, but still from my heart :
Merry Christmas to you and your family !!!
You look so very happy on the pics. Enjoy !

I love your mini book and since I have some binding rings in my drawer, I love to make my own.
But I need a hint on how to make the binding. Can you send me a link to a tutorial or the name of that binding or something ??? That would be lovely and highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance !!!

Enjoy the season,

Dami Kehinde said...

Hi Christy!

Belated but still from the bottom of my heart: Merry Christmas !

I love your mini album and would love to make my own. Can you help me with w tutorial or name or something for the binding ? That would be lovely and highly appreciated !

Thanks in advance,

Kim B said...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Your mini album is great ! Hugs, Kim B

Susan Holloway said...

I just found your awesome mini book after a google search for projects made using cricut mini books cartridge. I recently purchased the cart and was surfing around looking for inspiration. I can't wait to get started - you definitely inspired me!!!


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