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Friday, December 7, 2012

New Chaos Journal - Daily Dose & Tim Holtz Layout

Good morning and welcome to FRIDAY!!!  Told you we would make it through the week.  Even if the roads are crazy with all the extra driving and the stores are hectic and jammed...we made it through.  So enjoy yourself and do something nice for YOU today/tonight.  I wanted to show you the latest item that we are offering at work.  It's like the Smash Books but these are in binders which is nice but the only thing is that the rings are somewhat small to fit a lot of the extras offered...but it still is nice!  Here are a few before photos of the one I got with some of the accessories to boot.  
 The Chaos Journal - Daily Dose is this one's particular title

This is it opened and directly below is what it looks like closed with the attached stretchy pink strap around it
This is sort of like the smash books where each book is designed differently and contains different types of pages in each binder.  Also you can add/remove/switch around all the pages.  Refill pages are sold separately.
Inside it comes with pockets already on the front and back covers. 
This picture here is taken with the dividers inserted already, they are also sold separately. 

Here is a picture of what the dividers look like; they are hard plastic and are frosted & some have designs and others are plain.

Here are the journal tags that I got; there are 30 sheets in here and a lot of them are divided up where there are two to four tags on one sheet.

Pockets and envelopes are next, this package came with 2 envelopes and 2 pockets

The last picture I have to show is some other envelopes that are made from kraft paper, I love these! The ruler shown is only 6 inchese tall so these are actually a wee under 8 1/2" long.

I also got some stickers with this but do not have a photo at the moment.  But I will soon.

I want to share one more item with you and that is my scrapbook layout I created with picture of  Tim Holtz from the Stamp Away XX Convention I went to this year.  In this layout are two photos of Tim Holtz and a photo of the book he signed for me which reads "Christy - Art Inspires 2012 - Tim Holtz" .  So I hope you like.

Well I am going to start journaling now in my new Chaos Journal, I'll take pics!  Thank you for stopping by, take care and be sure to do something for YOU this weekend!


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