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Friday, December 28, 2012

Some Photos of Craft Room - (still not finished with it)

Happy Friday everyone!  Can you believe this is the last Friday of 2012?  I can't...I was just writing in a journal about how many great things have happened to me in 2012. I am truly grateful for so much.  I did have some not so great times, but the good outweigh the bad by far in my book.

Last night I was looking at the new craft room and wanted to share with you what it looks like so far.  I still have a ton to do in it like hang pictures and those word art pieces I did earlier in the year, I really want to get wall happy in here.  I hate looking at a blank wall anymore.  So I want to create some more things to hang as well as purchase some that I have my eye on.  I still also have totes that need emptying, we have to get back up to Ikea to get a couple new tables (desks) to complete the U-shaped work area that Eric has created for me.  If you image a U with you first walk in the room the top right portion of the U all the way down to the bottom of the U is complete with my printer, some books, computer/monitor, some everyday needed crafting supplies that are handy to get at.  What we are needing is the other two desks to complete this U and so that is why I haven't taken but 2 pics of the desk area.  I want to show you that when it's all completed.
So bear with messiness for a moment but try and see the bigger picture.
First is the back of my door where this hangs

Next is the closet which the door were taken off to allow more room in here.  The two purple organizing units on the outer sides of this with the white labels are where I keep all my stamps - 10 drawers and counting in all.  I have 4 of those paper holders that I got from Michaels, my Sizzix, Texture Boutique, Scor-Pal, tons of paper, some files for card/scrappy ideas, all my Vinyl is up in the purple crate on the top left, all my chip board, mini-albums, completed cards and a few odd & ends are what fill the other totes pictured here.  And the little black cutie pie laying on my sweaters that just stay there now so she'll have a comfy place to lay down on is Jiggles/Peanut...whatever I am in the mood to call her on any given

This is here the top view of the bookshelf directly to the left of the closet.

This is the shelving unit with more of the Michaels storage I have.  Holding more paper, some magazines, binders in the middle are my stamps manager binder, Cricut binder, sketches for cards and scrapbook layouts, my Gypsy is hanging there as you can see on the right top side, the left top side I have so many things hanging there but it is not a catch all - I have things that were given me hanging there and some things from college as well like the red sash that was worn during graduation from University of Cincinnati.

 Here is the bottom portion of the U shape I was talking about earlier.  As you can see it faces a window (still need the curtains hung)

Here is a closer look at my carousel with the thing that sits inside it perfectly.  Here is where I keep a lot of the crafting tools and scissors, adhesives, corner rounders etc.  

So I hope you liked the room thus far.  Remember like I said there is still so much to be completed but I wanted to share where I am in the whole process.

Take care everyone, I must now go get ready for work (man it feels great to have to say that!). Hope you find time to do something crafty!
Be safe out there!


Mary Gregor said...

Great job on getting the room ready. Keep up the good work--it will be done soon.
Hope you have a good and safe New Year.

Birdie said...

Christy, maybe we should do each others room. Yours looks far more organized (and cleaner) than mine. Can't wait to see complete desk area.

Cole Meyer said...

Looks like your room is turning out to be a crafter's paradise. Great job, Christy.

Vicky said...

Wow, Christy, what a fab spot and look at how much stuff you have. lolLooking forward to seeing the rest. :)

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